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Technical solution for the application of urban comprehensive pipe gallery

1. What is a comprehensive pipe gallery?

        The urban integrated pipe gallery is also called "common ditch", "public pipeline", etc. It is a kind of public tunnel for laying electric power, communication, radio and television, water supply, drainage, heat, gas and other municipal pipelines. In the past, the above-mentioned multiple pipeline systems were constructed and managed separately. With the development of cities, there were many contradictions in the construction of these pipelines. The emergence of urban integrated pipeline corridors solved this problem to a large extent. Centralize pipelines in various fields to achieve unified construction, unified management, and unified design. Promoting the development of urban integrated pipe corridors can solve problems such as "road zipper". It is a benefiting project that can effectively improve the city's comprehensive carrying capacity, increase the utilization rate of underground space, ensure the quality of new urban development, and promote the process of urban development. It is a new ladder of urban development. Comprehensive pipe gallery monitoring ensures the safety and stability of existing buildings and underground pipelines in the area affected by the underground city pipe gallery, and provides timely feedback information for foundation pit construction. Through the analysis of pipe gallery monitoring data, the stability of the envelope structure changes law , Is an important part of project information construction, it needs technical means to guarantee it, and provide judgment data for controlling the impact of construction on the surrounding environment.

        Hoyatek DTS distributed optical fiber temperature monitoring system, discrete optical fiber temperature detection system, gas detection system, DVS vibration detection system can be applied to the data security detection of urban integrated pipeline gallery project, in order to promote the construction of urban underground integrated pipeline gallery, and coordinate the government The planning, construction and management of various municipal pipelines provide strong technical safety guarantees to solve the problems of repeated excavation of roads, dense overhead line networks, and frequent pipeline accidents.

2. The essence of optical fiber temperature detection system: explosion-proof, fire prevention, perimeter safety, and gas leakage prevention

        The integrated pipe gallery is mainly used for: power cables, communication cables, cable television cables, water supply pipelines, reclaimed water pipelines, cooling pipelines, heating pipelines, gas pipelines, drainage pipes, street light cables, garbage vacuum systems, Municipal and people’s livelihood projects such as oil pipelines. In the urban integrated pipeline gallery, especially the power, communication, and gas pipelines, fire accidents are prone to occur. In addition, the integrated pipeline gallery has a small space and the efficiency of evacuation of people at entrances and exits is low. Therefore, once a fire accident occurs in the integrated pipe gallery, the hot smoke inside the pipe gallery cannot be eliminated in the first time, the amount of harmful gases increases rapidly, the oxygen content decreases rapidly, and the narrow space leads to rapid heat accumulation and rapid fire spread, which is difficult to fight and rescue. The fierce fire and other characteristics seriously endanger the personal health of the staff. In order to kill the accident in the cradle before the fire accident occurs, and extinguish the fire immediately, it is necessary to set up an automatic fire alarm system and link the fire protection system. Once a fire problem is found, the system will promptly call the police and extinguish the fire at the same time to ensure the city The safety of integrated pipe gallery operation.

        The characteristics of Hoyatek DTS distributed optical fiber temperature monitoring system: full optical fiber, long distance, large environment monitoring + special point monitoring, slow change + sudden change



3. Significance of data detection of urban integrated pipeline gallery

[Improve safety protection]: Monitor the real-time data of the operation status of the municipal project equipment, which can understand the on-site status in a timely and effective manner, and prevent problems before they occur;

[Reduce labor cost]: The system can achieve 24-hour real-time monitoring, which can save manual inspections, and at the same time solve the difficulties of difficult-to-monitor locations, and fill in the blind areas of monitoring; if an abnormal temperature alarm occurs, it can effectively locate the alarm and guide the work Personnel conduct positioning maintenance, save time and improve maintenance efficiency;

[Ensure economic benefits]: The system can achieve early warning and achieve the goal of "unmanned duty", which can effectively avoid potential safety hazards and safety accidents, thereby ensuring safety while also ensuring economic benefits;

4. Application of Hoyatek DTS Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement System


        This system adopts today's advanced photoelectric technology, communication technology, microprocessor technology, digital temperature sensing technology and original design of low temperature, strong electric field, and humid environment operation technology. It can separately monitor the temperature in different environments, discover potential accidents as early as possible, and minimize losses. At the same time, it can also provide a large amount of online monitoring data to provide a reliable basis for operators to fully understand the operation of power equipment.

Features of DTS distributed optical fiber temperature monitoring system

[Advancement]: Based on the internationally promoted distributed optical fiber temperature measurement technology, on the basis of absorbing nearly 20 years of successful application experience abroad, this system has excellent technical performance and quality;

[Safety]: Using optical fiber as the medium of temperature sensing and signal transmission, the sensor does not need power supply to work, it is intrinsically safe, has excellent insulation performance and anti-electromagnetic interference, and the sensor installation meets safety regulations;

[Stability and accuracy]: The temperature data is obtained by detecting the movement of the wavelength of light waves. The sensor is only sensitive to temperature, which avoids the problem of traditional sensors that are easily affected by interference factors such as power supply fluctuations and transmission line loss. The system is stable and reliable; temperature measurement accuracy Reach ± 1℃, and the temperature resolution can reach 0.1℃;

[High reliability in long-term operation]: The system is safe and reliable in operation, stable in performance, suitable for long-term continuous work in harsh environments;

[Compatibility]: The monitoring host has its own standard communication interface, providing Ethernet ports, RS232, USB, etc., combined with the integrated automation system of variable power stations, etc., to achieve data sharing, simple management, and seamless connection with related systems;

[Economy]: The cost of the system is reasonable and cost-effective. After it is completed and put into use, it can work unattended for a long time, and the maintenance cost is low;

[Ease of operation and maintenance]: Friendly man-machine interface, easy operation; the sensor has no zero drift, no need to re-calibrate, and the system is maintenance-free;



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